Customer Account Enquiry Form

This form can be submitted online and can also be downloaded as a PDF here.

STEP 1: Applicant's details

Business applicant's details

Your Details

By completing this section you acknowledge that you are employed by the above business and will be listed as a contact person on all business accounts.

Owner/Director/Manager details

If you are the business owner, director, or manager, and you have already provided your details above, please proceed to Step 2. If not, please complete the fields below.

STEP 2: New connection address

Purpose of Application
Please note: To establish an account the land titles must be released and the address provided must match the titles according to the shire or Landgate. If the property is or will be strata titled, please provide the parent lot number on this application or refer to the shire for more information.

STEP 3: Type of electricity supply

What type of electricity supply do you require? *
Please note: Only select a temporary supply if this has been specifically requested by your builder or electrician. Additional charges apply for temporary supply accounts.
If you have selected that your permanent supply is for commercial purposes, please answer the following questions:
What is your estimated annual spend on electricity at this property upon completion?
Do you require HV or LV supply
This is the Diversified Maximum Demand in Amperes at the indicated voltage level, as calculated by the customer's electrical consultant/engineer.

STEP 4: Third party consent - builder or electrical contractor

I authorise Peel Renewable Energy to disclose the account name, supply address and reference number to the below individual/company or their agent for the purpose of establishing this new connection.