About Us

Peel Renewable Energy owns and operates the renewable electricity microgrid (Peel Microgrid) and supplies power to customers at the Peel Business Park, a large industrial and agri-business precinct located near Nambeelup, and approximately 7km north-west of Mandurah, Western Australia. The first stage of the Peel Business Park is being developed by DevelopmentWA’s Industrial Lands Authority and is a core element of the Western Australian State Government’s Transform Peel initiative.

The Peel Microgrid is one of the first renewable industrial microgrids in Australia and consists of an embedded 22kV electricity distribution network, a connection to South West Integrated System grid and deployment of onsite renewable generation and battery storage assets, including an initial 1.2MW solar array and 2.5MWh battery energy storage system located on Lot 31 of the estate. As the number of occupants and overall power needs at the Peel Business Park grows, Peel Renewable Energy will also lease roof space from businesses to install additional solar panels to generate additional power for distribution and use within the microgrid.

The Peel Microgrid will supply reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity to owners and tenants in the Peel Business Park, typically via radial low voltage from our distribution stations but high voltage connections will also be possible. The Peel Microgrid will enable Peel Renewable Energy to deliver to Customers in the industrial estate electricity cost savings of up to 30 per cent along with sustainability benefits from at least 50% of all energy supplied being from renewable sources.

Peel Renewable Energy is licenced by the Economic Regulation Authority of WA as both an Electricity Distributor and Electricity Retailer under the Electricity Industry Act 2004. The Peel Microgrid will be operated in accordance and be subject to a range of technical, safety, regulatory and related obligations that are imposed by law or under arrangements, including in relation to the connection of Customers, the modification of Customer equipment and facilities and network augmentation.

Peel Renewable Energy has partnered with the DevelopmentWA Industrial Lands Authority, renewables specialists Sunrise Energy Group and Avora Energy along with Synergy to deliver this innovative project.